Hello world!

Having a freak out moment, because here I am, introducing myself to the world as a blogger.  I have written my whole life.  I love writing.  However, nobody has ever read my stuff, besides my dear husband.   Yeah sure, I have a Facebook account and I totally update it at an annoying level, but that’s about it.  So I am stepping through my fear and sharing myself with you.  Turning 40 will do that to you, it will make you evaluate everything and you will do things you never thought you’d do.  This page will be random, like my brain.  I will share experiences, thoughts, opinions, tips, recommendations, maybe a recipe or two and whatever life presents me.  My commitment, to myself and to you, is that I will keep it real, I won’t just show you the flattering side of life, I’ll show you what goes on when no one is looking too.

Introductions…..my name is Kimberly.  I am 40 years young.  I am deeply in love with my best friend and he happens to be my husband too.  I am a mother to four beautiful souls.  My family and I reside in the magnificent state of Idaho.  However, I was born and raised in northern Indiana.

And off we go!  I look forward to the journey ahead.


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